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the selection of water-based wax floor
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Author:  quangongzi [ Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  the selection of water-based wax floor

<p>is more prone to shrinkage.The length of the life of the floor is not only reflected in the construction and selection of the floor above, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the floor later, Xiaobian talk to you about the floor maintenance methods for your reference. Indoor moisturizing professional fill In order to keep the floor has a relatively stable state, the indoor temperature is best not to </p>
<p>exceed 26 ��, while the most important thing is to ensure that the indoor humidity in more than 50%. Humidifier can generally be used to humidify, if there is no humidifier, wring the cotton mop often wipe the ground, the same can play a good effect. If your home is the use of laminate flooring, then maintenance is relatively simple. Wipe with a wet mop, you can increase the surface humidity. As long as the </p>
<p>moisture content in the laminate flooring is maintained, there is not much of a problem. However, when the laminate flooring appears &quot;cracked&quot;, be sure to ask professionals to carry out partial filling. Bamboo anti-sun and wood bogey temperature difference UV light will make the surface of the bamboo floor paint oxidation. So while you enjoy the warm sun, do not forget to take care of the floor. Although the sun </p>
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