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 Post subject: Flooring swelling wooden floor arch
PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:01 am  
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<P>Surface phenomenon: After installing for a period of time, wooden floor mortises appear from the seam phenomenon. Analysis of the reasons: continuous climate of high temperature and humidity and other abnormal climate, wood flooring too fast, did not take humidification measures; long-term air drying, too much moisture, did not take humidification measures;</P>
<P>Sunshine exposure, long-term hair and other abnormal environmental factors, resulting in excessive moisture desiccation drying wooden floor; room a long time off, no damp air, indoor air drying;When paving in damp weather, the gap between adjacent plates is too large. In case of dry weather, larger shrinkage cracks occur.</p>
<P>Preventive measures: Select the better stability of the wood floor materials and moisture content control in the local equilibrium moisture content requirements; wood flooring adjacent sections of stitching calculation and grasping the climatic conditions during construction, with or without leaving the appropriate extension seam; Anti-sun exposure, not long-term closure of windows and doors is not ventilated, or localized focus on hair.</P>
<P>Solution: wait for a period of time, and other moisture content of wood flooring and air relative humidity balance, the replacement of a single block, or all open rebuilt, according to the requirements of the adjacent plate stretch seam.</P> "build an outdoor deck,features of wood plastic composite,non wood decking northern ireland "

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