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 Post subject: the new materials of the renovated wall
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<p>What are the advantages and disadvantages Although this kind of product is assembled, but its material is solid wood, it is a solid wood product, so it is stronger in terms of durability and usability. In addition, the surface of the fingerboard is usually painted with clear water paint, and the environmental protection effect is relatively better. Compared to wpc fencing guarantee woodworking, there is no need to glue plywood, glue is used less, and it is also more environmentally friendly. Consider fingerboards carefully, which is very practical.</p> <p> What are the advantages and disadvantages of finger-joint plates? Disadvantages The utensils made of this kind of plate are not solid wood, although its durability is higher than that of wood plates, but because it is assembled, it is compared with decorative outdoor panels real wood plates. A certain gap, at the same time as the general drying time before splicing will not be too long, the residual moisture in wood is more, so there will be a certain degree of deformation after a long time.</p> <p> Fingerboard how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the quality of this product can be identified from two aspects, one is to look at the ring of the core material, in general, the more obvious ikea wood deck tiles in singapore annual rings, the greater the age, the finger board made The better the material, the other depends on the tooth mark, which is usually divided into the bright tooth and the dark tooth. Among them, the finger board with the dark tooth is the best, because the bright tooth finger board is more prone to some uneven phenomena after being painted.</p> <p> Of course, dark teeth are more difficult to process. How to buy the fingerboard price Because the production process is different during processing, the amount of glue used is relatively small, so the environmental protection performance is relatively high, resulting in slightly higher price than high-grade fine board, of course, different types of finger joints The board price is different. Classification is generally divided into two major categories, which are knotted and unarticulated, in which the former will have a blind eye, people seem to have a kind of plastic swimming pool manufacturer back to the feeling of return, the latter is not there in the blink of an eye, more beautiful, different people like different Fingerboards of the type.</p>

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