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 Post subject: Stainless steel pipe rolling surface processing method
PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:52 am  
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Steel-based cemented carbide is a hardcoat metal carbide (mainly WC, TiC, etc.) as a hard phase, with steel as a binder phase of a composite material. The hard phase of the cemented carbide generally accounts for 30% to 50% of the total mass of the alloy and the rest is steel.corrugated galvanized steel tube Because of the large proportion of steel matrix, the nature of steel is more obvious, with good machinability, heat treatment and malleability, etc., after powder mixing, pressing molding, sintering, forging, cutting, heat treatment and other processes, Can be a variety of specifications, various shapes of steel-based cemented carbide products, its wide range of applications.Нижний ценовой порог!!! Труба из нержавеющей стали The mechanical properties of the bonded cemented carbide are between cemented carbide and steel, and have higher hardness, better abrasion resistance and higher elastic modulus and compressive strength than steel.Building material price stainless steel 316l Compared with the cemented carbide, has good bending strength and impact toughness, good self-lubricating, low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical stability, showing excellent overall performance. Its hardness can reach HRC60 ~ 70, while the toughness index is more than ordinary carbide improved.316 hoja de acero inoxidable para la construcción de la construcción
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