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 Post subject: Direct vacuum pump
PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:07 pm  
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<p>Direct connection vacuum pump, referred to as direct pump. It is a new branch of rotary vane pump products. Vintage rotary vane pump appeared earlier, is a simple structure, the application of a wide range of products. But this old structure of the rotary vane pump speed is low, mostly in the 400r / min or so. Using belt drive deceleration, and thus large size, heavy weight. To make the pump small light, from the pump geometry calculation theory can be seen, when the pumping speed is constant, the main means is to improve the pump speed. The main key to increasing the speed of the vacuum pump is to adapt the parts that are directly subjected to high-speed loads, ie the material of the pump and rotary vane and the structure of the rotor should be adapted to the condition of increased speed.Fast Melting Iron Steel Copper Aluminum Gold Metal Smelting Furnace</p>
<p>In 1965 the German thunderstorms a Hailas company in the original rotary vane pump on the basis of the pump structure, materials and processes have made significant improvements, the trial successful high-speed direct rotary vane vacuum pump for the rotary vane pump miniaturization, Instrumentation has opened up new avenues.</p>
<p>Straight rotary vane pump is driven by the motor directly to drive the rotor, the speed increased to 1400r / min or more. This allows the pump to be compact; the volume is significantly reduced; the weight is reduced; the pumping performance of the pump is increased; the vibration and noise are greatly reduced. Features: high efficiency and energy saving, easy installation, smooth operation, safe and reliable: motor shaft and pump shaft is coaxial straight, concentricity, smooth operation, safe and reliable shaft seal position is relatively easy to be rusty , Direct connection pump shaft once rusted, easy to cause mechanical seal failure. So it is best to use inlaid stainless steel bushings, to avoid corrosion occurs, improve the shaft life, reducing operating and maintenance costs.New Condition and Hepa Filter Filtration Grade reusable furnace filters</p>
<p>Mechanical seal base material is generally selected rubber bellows structure, the traditional mechanical seal on the shaft seal by the O-ring line seal to rubber parts of the two-sided seal, in the water medium to improve the sealing effect.Vacuum sintering furnace for alloy</p>
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