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 Post subject: A Good Inquisitor (Fun story Competition)
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*Standing before the Lord of Hell in a large black chasm, a line of chosen demons wait for their master to speak*

"You few demons have been chosen for a purpose, a purpose of conquering the Earth." The words come out of the Lord Of Hell's mouth in a loud, deep, and fear instilling voice.

*A small murmur goes through the line of demons*

"How is it we will do this My lord?" Questions a young demon in the back.

"You all Shall Become Inquisitors and create an army that will shake the earth!" The Lord of Hell proclaims this last sentence in a shout causing the demons to go into an uproar.

*Throughout the Years many a Demon has been called forth to become a Dungeon Inquisitor.*

*Years later after the Demons are summoned to Earth for conquest*

*In a Mountainside Dungeon Somewhere on Earth, a small group of soldiers stand prepared, waiting for the signal to be given by the Knight standing at the mouth of the cave*

"I, the Knight Frederick, shall find my dear sister Lady Vivian and return her to our home" Sir Frederick gives the signal and the small eleven man team charges into the mouth of the dungeon.

Screams of despair are heard for miles around as the team of faithful soldiers are slaughtered and dismembered by an army of thirty-one monsters straight from the depths of Hell itself. This army of creatures is led by a Demon Inquisitor named Milord.The Knight Frederick is taken prisoner and placed in the dungeon prison.
After hours of torture the inquisitor finally stops and leaves the prison cell.
The slow shuffle of feet are heard at the end of the hall by Frederick. He slowly moves forward in pain towards the prison bars, trying not to cry out from the deep cuts on his chest inflicted by the Inquisitor. He sees the source of the shuffling, a prostitute was being dragged down the hall and into the room directly across from Frederick.

After the screams coming from the room across the hall stop the Inquisitor and two undead soldiers leave the room.

Where is my dear Vivian, I will escape this prison and retrieve her from this hell. This thought pounds through his head as he hears yet another sound at the end of the hall. Peering through the bars down towards the end of the hall, fear and yet at the same time happiness course through his body as he sees Vivian still alive.

With little effort the two corpse soldiers continue to drag the lady down the hall, following in step with the Inquisitor.

What are they doing? Where is it they are taking her? With questions flowing through his mind, Frederick calls out to Vivian, "Vivian!"
The yell causes the inquisitor to smirk, and Frederick notices this.

"What is it you plant to do Inquisitor?" Frederick growls.

"All will be revealed in a short time." With that said Inquisitor Milord directs the two soldiers to place Vivian in the same room as the prostitute was placed.

"NOOO!" Yells Frederick. The Inquisitor walks in and slowly closes the door smiling at Frederick.
Horrible creams echo throughout the dungeon, the type of screams that cause you to have nightmares, the same type of screams that make humans kill themselves so they do not have to hear the suffering of their fellow man.

A small yelp then a crack is heard and all screaming, moaning, and whimpering stops.With his hope now gone, Frederick makes a silent promise that he will stay alive and escape so he can fulfill a life good enough for the both of them. Footsteps approach from the other side of the door across the hall, and the inquisitor steps out after the slow creak of the door.
"What have you done with Vivian you cruel being?"
the Inquisitor just smiles and says" Oh her, yeah shes no longer with us, but why don't you meet your new Mistress." As He says this a creature steps out from behind the door and Frederick shudders.

This "Mistress" as the Inquisitor had called it had the face of his dear, sweet Vivian.

Thus the torture began. Hours upon hours of chains and whips and hot iron pokers inflicted physical harm on the brave knight Frederick. Pain worse than any man can ever endure, pain so severely intense that it could and would and did bring a grown man to tears with sheer terror and fear on his face and nothing more.

Monsters can be cruel and men even more so but when a man becomes a monster it is a terrifying thought to think how cruel a man can become.

In the face of defeat Frederick surrenders as the thoughts of terror and cruelty sweep over him in an immense wave of despair, leaving nothing but hopelessness left in the young knights heart and soul.

"Fear" says the Inquisitor, " it is a common factor with all beings capable of feeling or thoughts".

"It is the icing on the cake, the silver lining that comes with the contract of having emotions and being alive"

" It is emotions that make living worth being alive, but just as well it is emotions that make being alive a living hell".

"You, a desperate, worthless, and terror ridden knight, shall continue to experience this psychological torment for years to come, until one day you will no longer be a man. No Frederick you will become more than a man you will become something different you will not be a monster, but you will be a man who has lost his hope, his light at the end of the tunnel, his salvation and you will embrace the darkness that is fear, for it is not love that keeps us feeling, it is pain and fear that keep our bodies aware of their surroundings. So I ask you now Frederick do you still wish to look for hope in my hellish abode?"

With a blank stare now slowly taking over his face, Frederick answers with hardly a grimace of pain."With...my heart as my..*COUGH*...motivation...and my soul as my armor...*HUFF*..I.....will....not...bow down or cave in to..*COUGH*..this darkness of yours, I will never give in".

"Then we will just have to remove your heart and spirit then wont we?"

With that said the knight is tortured for weeks, with his life ending when he is sacrificed on an altar of blood.

*An Excerpt From "Confessions of the Inquisitor"
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